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  • zillionaireminds22

Celibate, Independent, and Dream Creating

Focus, what is that? Deliberately placing my InnerG and Attention into my craft and things that interest me. Everything Magical that is! I am choosing to eliminate distractions. Stop feeding InnerG to things that knock me off balance. I know if I place my focus and InnerG into everything that gives my soul joy I will be supported by the gods! If I love what I do I will never work another day in my life. I like the sound of that!! No work for life!!!

I trust myself. I have to do what it takes to make my dreams a success. 2020 I dedicate myself to soul and self expression and will allow the Universe to do the rest. This time a year ago I was crying as I was releasing one job walking into my new apart and now I am working on my website, unfolding the beginning of this mega metaphysical and candle bookstore. All is Well and Well is All!

Gratitude! I want to express Gratitude to every individual that gave the smallest innergetic thought to me on my journey to self discovery and finding my soul purpose. Scary it was! Some would say down right crazy, but I had to know. I had to be Brave! I had to discover Courage. I had to find my reason for being here. I know now that the more I listen to myself, the more me reveals to me what me truly wants. I like when me is Happy and I find most people do to.